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Give a gift card to Ocean Bay Naturals for Christmas and Birthdays.  Encourage your friends and family start using all Natural and Organic Health & Hygiene products.   Thank... Read more

Why People Love


Dan T.

Hi, a few months ago I became interested in natural deodorants. I had read articles explaining the healthcare issues associated with aluminum and other chemical products used in many of today’s deodorants and cosmetics. I decided I would try a nat...... Read More

Jana M.

I have now tried 6 different so-called natural deodorants and hadn’t found any I was happy with until now. I have now tried 6 different so-called natural deodorants and hadn’t found any I was happy with until now. If you’re into natural deodorants... Read More

Lisa P.

I’ve been trying to go natural with all my hygiene products. I like Ocean Bay Naturals because they seem to care about making healthy and natural products that work.... Read More

Dan T.

Ocean Bay Naturals, is the first natural deodorant I have been excited about. It doesn't irritate my skin and has a nice refreshing smell. It also moisturizes my skin. Read More

Leon S.

I purchase the combo set from Ocean Bay Natures – all 5 fragrances. I like all the fragrances but my favorite is Ocean sunrise. I like the smell and so does my wife.... Read More

Kevin G.

I like knowing it won’t aggravate my allergies or irritate my skin. I am unable to smell fragrances without sneezing my head off. I’ve been stuck using unscented deodorants that don’t work or others that have crappy chemicals in them. I recently t... Read More


No chemicals, no toxins, no impurities. It provides a clean base for our active ingredients.

An active ingredient often used in wound and burn care. Nano Silver particles at .001% or 10PPM concentration have been found to provide immune support.


  • Yes! One of our main core values is developing products that are both people and earth safe. Our product was developed without any tests on animals and does not include any animal-derived ingredients.

All Natural Immune support

Liquid Nano silver


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