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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a 2oz bottle last?

Our 2oz bottles of deodorant which will last approximately 3 months of regular underarm use.

2. Does this leave yellow stains on white and light colored clothes?

Our deodorants are virtually a clear to white colored liquid that will not cause staining on clothes.

3. Does this work for people who are athletic?

Yes, our deodorant is enough to keep body odor at bay during the workout, but additional applications may be required post-workout and after showers.

4. Is it vegan and cruelty free?

Yes! One of our main core values is developing products that are both people and earth safe. Our product was developed without any tests on animals and does not include any animal-derived ingredients.

5. Is your deodorant also an antiperspirant?

No. Antiperspirants don’t allow the sweat glands to work properly. They prohibit the body from doing what it needs to, releasing toxins. Our Natural Deodorants will allow your body to smell good all day.  Our Moto: "Stop the stink, not the sweat".  Underarm pads are available for the heavy sweater.  

6. Does Ocean Bay Naturals test on Animals?

No! In fact all our tests are done on humans who are willing to try our new products. Their feedback is how we make such great products.

7. Are Natural Deodorants really better?

You only have one body, and you should take care of it. Non natural deodorants will make you smell good and probably stop you from sweating, but they don’t do it in a healthy way. We only use natural & organic ingredients that help promote a healthy body.

8. What does a Subscription to Ocean Bay Naturals look like?

When you choose to subscribe to our natural deodorant it means that you’ll be receiving a bottle each month or as often as you choose and at a great price. You are not obligated to sign up for a subscription and can cancel at any time if you choose to. When you go to add your item to the cart, it will ask you if you’d like to subscribe and save. This is where you have the opportunity to choose how often and what products you’ll be receiving. If you move or need to update your subscription, simply login to your account and make the changes needed.