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Collection: White Walrus Pain Relieving Lotion

White Walrus is an Awesome Pain relieving Lotion made entirely of Natural & Orgainic ingredients. Designed by a Chiropractic Doctor for his patients.  You can now purchase the previously professional only Brand made by Ocean Bay Naturals.  Active ingredients: Organic Essential oils: Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus & Fir Needle; Menthol; Aloe Vera; Coconut Oil; Ag; Magnesium; Zinc.  Inactive ingredients: Ultra Pure Deionized Water.  Benefits: Its Long Lasting Cooling Sensation provides pain relief; muscle relaxation; skin moisturizing & healing. You'll Love the Smell.  Unlike similar products, White Walrus has a Refreshing Natural Scent which Dissipates Quickly.  You Won't Smell like a Medicine Cabinet! It comes in Multiple Convenient Sizes and Dispensing Options. Squeeze bottle, Spray and Rollon.
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  • White Walrus Pain Relieving Lotion
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