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Nothing beats starting your day feeling fresh, looking fresh, and smelling fresh. But you can’t avoid sweating as you go about your daily routine. That’s why a great deodorant to keep you feeling fresh and smelling good is very important.

But first, what is deodorant?
Deodorants are personal care products designed to help prevent unpleasant body odors. Unlike anti-perspirants, deodorants won’t stop you from sweating but they can kill bacteria that are causing the smell.

It won’t stop the sweating?! Doesn’t it smell? 
Well, here’s a surprising fact for you. Your sweat does not have a bad smell. It’s a colorless, odorless liquid with the main function of controlling the body temperature. Yes, that’s right. It’s odorless. Sweat alone is not the main cause of body odors. It’s the bacteria on your skin combined with sweat that releases the unpleasant smell.

So, how do deodorants stop the stink?

When you sweat, bacteria eats the moisture and releases the smell. Deodorants kill the bacteria to stop the odor from escaping your body. Cool, huh? But it’s more cool when your deodorant has a beautiful natural fragrance and is made from natural ingredients that do not harm your skin. 

Good thing there’s a collection of natural deodorants from Ocean Bay Naturals that does just that. Specially formulated using high quality natural ingredients. With anti-microbial and anti-odor properties. No toxins. No artificial colors. No artificial fragrance. Perfect for persons with sensitive skin. Gentle yet effective in eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Plus, the scents are so good!