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Deodorant is a part of our daily personal routine, whether you’re a heavy sweater or not. If you go into the personal hygiene section, there are plenty of brands offering different types of deodorants. The most common are stick, roll-on, and spray deodorants. However, many store-bought deos contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation and can increase the risk of serious health problems. 

Many have already made the easy switch to natural deodorants. If you’re still thinking about it, here’s something to help you decide. Top 3 reasons why you should switch to natural deodorant:

  • You’ll stop the stink but not the sweat.

  • We know you hate it when you see big patches of sweat under your arms. And you hate it even more when other people see it (especially when you’re on a date. Yikes!). Yes it’s a bit embarrassing, but you don’t have to be. Sweat is natural. Your body needs it. Sweating controls the body temperature and releases body toxins. 

    Will you smell bad if you let yourself sweat normally? Not if you use a natural deodorant that keeps you smelling fresh even if you sweat.

  • Completely safe for your skin and body.
  • Unlike regular deodorants in the market, natural deodorants such as Ocean Bay Naturals do not contain chemicals that are harmful for your skin and body. Instead, we use high quality and natural ingredients that greatly benefit the underarm and other sensitive body parts. Aside from the anti-microbial and anti-odor properties, natural deos also moisturizes, heals, and improves the skin’s natural protective barrier.

  • You’ll smell so good throughout the day.

  • Natural deodorants use unique blends of essential oils to create amazing natural fragrances. What do you think about smelling like fresh citrus fruits? If you like that idea, you might want to try Ocean Bay Naturals’ Citrus Splash natural deodorant. There are lots of amazing variants that smell so good such as Ocean Sunrise, Tahitian Mist, and Blossom Breeze. Check them out here. [link]

    BONUS: By switching to natural deodorant, you’ll be able to help clean up and protect the earth. 

    Every purchase of Ocean Bay Naturals contributes to our mission to save our planet. We donate a portion of our profit to help clean up the earth and keep it safe for everyone. 

    Have you made your decision yet?