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Sweating is normal. Sweating is okay, but smelling isn’t. The best way to fight body odor is through prevention. Here are some tips that will help you keep your body smelling nice even after sweating.

  • Shower everyday.
  • It goes without saying that you need to keep your body clean, especially those parts that sweat a lot. Those parts are the breeding grounds of odor-causing bacteria and not keeping them clean will make you more prone to BO.

  • Wear clothes made from breathable fabrics and make sure to wear clean ones.
  • Avoid polyester, nylon, and rayon as they tend to trap sweat that may cause body odor. Go for natural fabrics like cotton that allows your skin to breathe. When working out, choose moisture-wicking fabrics.

  • Eliminate strong-smelling foods from your diet.
  • You sweat what you consume. Reduce your intake of strong-smelling foods such as onion, garlic, spicy peppers, curry, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli because they can cause pungent sweat. 

  • Use natural deodorant.
  • Want a great smell? Get a great product. Natural deodorants kill odor-causing bacteria even if you’re a heavy-sweater. There are great brands that offer natural deodorants that mask the BO smell with natural fragrance made with essential oils. Aside from their good aroma, essential oils also have skin-moisturizing and skin-healing benefits. Check out Ocean Bay Naturals’ line of natural deodorants here.